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Abba / Super Trouper

Year: 1980
Genre: Pop
Tracks: 15
Total time: 61:35
Disc-ID: blues / c80e6d0f
1.01 Super Trouper / 01 Super Trouper4:17
2.02 The Winner Takes It All / 02 The Winner Takes It All4:58
3.03 On and on and On / 03 On and on and On3:44
4.04 Andante / Andante4:43
5.05 Me and I / 05 Me and I4:58
6.06 Happy New Year / 06 Happy New Year4:27
7.07 Our Last Summer / 07 Our Last Summer4:23
8.08 The Piper / 08 The Piper3:29
9.09 Lay All Your Love on Me / 09 Lay All Your Love on Me4:37
10.10 The Way Old Friends Do / 10 The Way Old Friends Do3:01
11.11 Elaine (Bonus track / 11 Elaine (Bonus track)3:47
12.12 Andante, Andante (Spanish Version) (Bonus Track)4:42
13.13 Felicidad (Bonus track / 13 Felicidad (Bonus track)4:26
14.19 / ABBA - Waterloo2:47
15.13 Ring Ring (Bara Du Slog En Signal) (Swedish Version) / 13 Ring Ring (Bara Du Slog En Signal) (Swedish Version)3:08
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