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Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band / Live 'N' Rare (Disc-1)

Year: 2005
Genre: Blues Rock
Tracks: 13
Total time: 50:36
Disc-ID: blues / b30bda0d
1.Abba Zabba (London 1974)3:16
2.Ashtray Heart (Manchester 1980)3:25
3.Bass Solo (Manchester 1980)3:05
4.Beatle Bones 'N' Smokin' Stones (Portsmouth 1975)4:06
5.Big Eyed Beans From Venus (Manchester 1980)4:39
6.Old Black Snake (Bickershaw 1972)3:53
7.Crazy Little Thing (London 1974)3:45
8.Dirty Blue Gene (Manchester 1980)3:51
9.Electricity (Leicester 1973)7:03
10.Flavor Bud Living (Manchester 1980)1:24
11.Gimme Dat Harp Boy (Knebworth 1975)4:41
12.Golden Birdies (Manchester 1980)2:20
13.Grow Fins (Bickershaw 1972)5:00
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