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ABBA / Ring Ring (1-12) 1973 & The Album (13-21) 1977

Year: 2003
Genre: Pop
Tracks: 21
Total time: 77:00
Disc-ID: blues / 4d120a15
1.Abba / Ring, Ring3:08
2.Abba / Another Town, Another Train3:15
3.Abba / Disillusion3:09
4.Abba / People Need Love2:48
5.Abba / I Saw It In The Mirror2:36
6.Abba / Nina, Pretty Ballerina2:55
7.Abba / Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)2:57
8.Abba / Me And Bobby And Bobby's Brother2:54
9.Abba / He Is Your Brother3:21
10.Abba / She's My Kind Of Girl2:47
11.Abba / I Am Just A Girl3:05
12.Abba / Rock'n' Roll Band3:13
13.Abba / Eagle5:54
14.Abba / Take A Chance On Me4:05
15.Abba / One Man, One Woman4:39
16.Abba / The Name Of The Game4:55
17.Abba / Move On4:47
18.Abba / Hole In Your Soul3:45
19.Abba / "The Girl With Golden Hair" Thank You For The Music3:53
20.Abba / I Wonder {Departure)4:36
21.Abba / I'm Marionette4:04
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