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Various / Le Beat Bespoké 3

Year: 2009
Tracks: 20
Total time: 58:35
Disc-ID: blues / 090db914
1.Paragons / Abba3:09
2.Syd's Group / Time's A Good Thing2:49
3.Soul Inc / Love Me When I'm Down2:04
4.Noon Express / Flashback2:34
5.Bit'a Sweet / Is It Off - Is It On2:52
6.Fire & Ice / Mirrors2:25
7.Bastille / Music Ship3:10
8.Ro-D-Ys / Looking For Something Better2:56
9.Joanna / Hold-Up Inusite1:57
10.Don Shinn & The Soul Agents / A Minor Explosion3:09
11.Douglas / Si Je Buvais Moins3:22
12.Jonah P Jones / Sunrise Highway2:30
13.Alex Harvey / Midnight Moses3:29
14.Fire & Ice / Music Man2:32
15.Whichwhat / It's All Over Again3:40
16.Claude Bolling / Strange Magic2:35
17.Tam White / Future Thoughts4:21
18.Chris Britton / Fly With Me3:28
19.Julie Felix / Snakeskin2:59
20.Rick Mcclellan / Frozen Sunshine2:24
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